Video Streaming - Premium Account

Signing up for Premium Account

For those with advanced video streaming needs, move onto the next level of video management with the premium package at listen2myradio.


TV Station (AutoDJ) with Live Streaming

Use TV Station as your main streaming type or do Live Streaming and use the TV Station (Video AutoDJ) as fallback. All our packages come with 10GB video file storage. With TV Station option you will be able to build and manage schedule playlists directly from the panel.

ON Demand Streaming

Another type of pacakge is ON demand, upload the video files to the server and give your viewers the option to choose what to watch.

Administration Advanced Control Panel

Our control panel offers a fully featured web based media administration and automation utility allowing customers to manage their own services in a secure environment.

H.264 and VP6

listen2myradio supports these video codecs, both of which will be seen perfectly by your viewers. Try both, and see what’s best for you.

Unlimited Bandwidth

listen2myradio has NO LIMIT on bandwidth. We do not share our server with anyone else, so there’s nothing standing between you and a fantastic connection.

HD and SD quality up to 1,024 Kbps

listen2myradio supports all streams, from lowest to the very highest quality. Our incomparable bandwidth can bring cinema quality to the monitors of your viewers.

Widely compatible including iPhone

To ensure your stream can be viewed by everyone, listen2myradio supports a wide range of instruments, including the Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad, the Android and the Blackberry, among other 3GPP platforms, plus Microsoft Silverlight and Apple QuickTime.

Advanced Reporting & Historical Statistics

Our top of the art control panel include advanced reporting & historical statistics. the historical statistics allow a detailed report of your media service including: Viewer information in periods of Past 24 hours, 48 hours, 7 days, 14 days, entire month or last month., Detailed Daily Traffic Report and many more...

Video Flash Player

listen2myradio offers an advanced video player so anyone can watch your show, regardless of which browser they use. What’s more, the player has a range of skins and options to make your show look its best.

Payment Type

We accept payment via Paypal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer (depending on country), Western Union (for amounts greater than $100).