Video Streaming -Free Account vs Premium Account

Compare Free Account vs Premium Account

See how the two account types match up and choose what best fits your needs.

Every Account Includes


Simple Panel

Advanced Administration Panel


Depends on the package



Up to 1000 viewers

Depends on the package

Just on subdomain!!!

From anywhere (Apple iOS and Android)

Video page includes blog and gallery

User site/pages or Direct links

Just Live Streaming

Live streaming


24/7 fast response ticket system

FREE (Supported by Ads)
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Packages start from $18
Order Premium Account
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Get more with a premium account!

Sign up now for a free streaming account. Or order a premium streaming plan to unlock your projects potential.
Here are just a few of the benefits of a premium plan:

  • Advanced Administration Panel
  • Live streaming and VOD
  • Video Flash Player

  • Widely compatible including iPhone
  • Video Flash Player
  • High speed network

  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • Statistics
  • 24/7 fast ticket support
  • Much more!
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